What's this?

This little KDE kicker applet monitors the VDR video recorder. It creates an icon in the KDE system tray showing some informations about the VDR: Also

Untested features

The following features are implemented but not tested yet:


31 Mar 2006 0.6
  • The applet can trigger a shutdown after the running/next recording has finished
03 Dec 2005 0.5
  • The disk space indicator is a bit more configurable now
  • Tooltip and popup are now using HTML for better readability
  • The disk space information inside the Tooltip shows the needed space for the running and the next scheduled recordings
24 Nov 2005 0.4
  • The tooltip shows the remaining duration of the running recordings
  • A disk usage indicator is shown if the disk is filled up more than a given percent value
  • The disk usage indicator is flashing if the remaining space is not sufficient for the running and the next scheduled recording(s)
21 Nov 2005 0.3
  • The tooltip now shows the duration of the recordings
15 Nov 2005 0.2
  • The tooltip now shows the running recordings
10 Nov 2005 0.1
  • Initial release


Latest available versions

Installation on Gentoo systems

You should use the gentoo.de portage tree. Then you can simply run emerge vdr-kvdrmon on the VDR machine and emerge kvdrmon on the KDE machine.

Installation on other systems



Kvdrmon can be configured inside the properties dialog. This can be reached using the context menu of the kicker icon.


You can leave bugs or wishes here.

How it works