Statusled plugin

Running VDR mostly without any GUI (xawtv, kvdr, ...) there is no visual representation of the current VDR state (e.g. recording). This plugin shows VDR status informations using the keyboard leds.


Version Description
0.0.7 - Presignaling of recordings using computer speaker beeps
0.0.6 - The OSD settings for using blinkd and per record blinking are now taken correctly from setup.conf (thanks to Heiko Meyer).
0.0.5 - Plugin compiles now with vdr 1.3.0
0.0.4 - Now it's possible to use blinkd for remote signaling
0.0.3 - Inserted some missing command line argument handling
- New command line argument "-c console"
0.0.2 Fixed crash at vdr stop
0.0.1 First release of the plugin


Installation und Compilation

Running the plugin

How it works

Using keyboard LEDs for record signalisation

Using beeps to presignal recordings

The plugin can use the computer speaker to presignal the start of a recording. The prewarn time, the beep count and the time between beeps are configurable.

Configuration using the OSD

There is an OSD menu entry Settings->Plugins->statusleds.


Command line switches -d, -b and -w seems not to be functional.


The following features are planned fur later releases: